Mercedes-Benz EPC 2017-10 Full

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Mercedes-Benz EPC 2018-02 + WIS 2018-02 (VirtualBox image)

Year / Release Date : 2018.02

Version : 1.14

Developer : Daimler AG

Language : Multilingual

Tabletka : cured

Description : The horse waved without looking. I merge as superfluous the EPC (18.02) + WIS (18.02), activated until 01.01.2038 00:00:00. In the distribution, a compressed 7-zip image of VirtualBox (uncompressed weight 49 382 101 950, with compression 29 225 747 954), the recommended version of VirtualBox ( is the extreme bugless version), VirtualBox Extension Pack

Inside the image: Windows XP, EWA: (old, tried newer – there are some jambs constantly, on the proposed version everything works smoothly), EPC 2018.02, WIS 2018.02.

1) Install Oracle VirtualBox

2) Run the VirtualBox. Press Ctrl-G. We recognize the folder where VirtualBox prefers to store images. We leave it, or change it at your discretion.

3) Unarchive MB.7z in the “Machine folder”.

4) In VirtualBox, press Ctrl-A. Go to the MB folder and select the MB file. Push the button Open.

5) Have chosen the virtual machine MB. Properties are clicked. We moved to the Shared Folders. Changed the path to the shared folder, or removed it completely.

6) Bingo!

Further we update through EWA Admin Tool -> Settings -> Additional function. Go to the Advanced tab. I previously removed the EPC and WIS databases completely – so that the virtual disk did not grow in size, or did it slightly. You do it the way your religion allows you.

Files on the laptop. Therefore, there may be breaks in the distribution.

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